Thanks to the latest science, we now know more than ever before on how people’s brains really work. This means the traditional ways for generating insight have been turned on their head. At Triniti, we understand that what people say they’ll do and what they actually do aren’t always the same thing. So we use a blend of methodologies and approaches to uncover unconscious thinking. We also look for different clues which means mining existing data with a new lens around behavioural cues instead of attitude shifts. We don’t rely on claimed data, we use the power of analytics (real not observed behaviour). We also help organisations to change their measurements and track things that really matter for their brands.

At Triniti, we have created a proprietary Activating Behaviour Change framework that separates 4 core drivers for behaviour change.

Using this framework enables us to systematically assess behaviour change challenges and opportunities to grow brands. This approach can be applied to a number of different challenges including: interrogating new product launch plans, redesigning buyer experiences and identifying growth opportunities.


Behavioural Economics Audit using our ABC Diagnosis Framework

Meaningful Brand Measurement (or Metrics that Matter)

Consumer Immersion

Qualitative / Quantitative Testing

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