Scotts Case Study

Defining a distinctive brand portfolio with leading edge research


This global garden products company had a number of successful brands operating in France but in order to define their future brand portfolio strategy they were missing some critical consumer understanding. They wanted to know more about the deep motivations of French consumers and how their brands were currently positioned to deliver against these. The company also wanted to find ways to strengthen alignment with the global brands, whilst still creating distinctiveness in the French market.


Careful analysis of existing consumer data led to some ‘myth busting’ before the research even began and ensured the new work was focused on filling knowledge gaps. Triniti’s MotiMap approach combines both qual and quant techniques. We identified the images and language that best expressed the consumer motivations in the context of gardening and used Deep Access techniques to uncover spontaneous perceptions of existing Scotts’ and competitor brands.

On line quant then identified the relative importance of each motivation at a category and brand level and highlighted white space opportunities. Our Final recommendations were ready to action – thanks to combining the new deep consumer understanding with commercial and customer/channel requirements.


Distinctive potential positioning territories for all 3 Scotts’ brands

Clear recommendations to achieve alignment with global brand positionings whilst still delivering against market specific category needs

“Triniti’s MotiMap® research really helped us to uncover insights about our brands, going much deeper than much of the other research we have done. The debrief was not only interesting but highly actionable, providing us with commercially focused strategy recommendations, not just research findings. Triniti showed themselves to be highly collaborative and accountable partners who managed the project 360 degrees from both an operational and strategic level as well as challenged new thinking”

Sheila Hill, International Marketing Lead, Scotts