“Media Return on Investment (ROI) is a technical subject that most marketers aren’t interested in, but we spend millions of dollars on media every year and we need to get better at it. eLearning doesn’t engage this audience, but we don’t want to rely on a face to face training solution, we need to do something different – can Triniti help?”

– PepsiCo’s Global Learning Team


We distilled PepsiCo’s best practices of media investment into simply expressed behaviours and used these as the basis of a Behaviour Change Audit with the aim to understand the key shifts that these media behaviours represented versus current practices.


We then identified engagement & learning journeys for target communities and developed a unique gamification solution using a bespoke business simulation based on real-world data and offering complex challenges & trade-offs. Designed to be played in teams to harness the power of social learning, the game could be played either virtually or face to face, using an interactive digital platform. The game itself was supported by a number of connected components forming a behaviour change ‘ecosystem’.


As Triniti are marketing practitioners as well as learning experts, we were able to quickly understand the core content and simplify it in a way that made it accessible to all. This also enabled us to work closely with the PepsiCo subject matter experts to design highly realistic challenges within the game.


Created an approach new to PepsiCo and one that was passionately championed by the client, keen to push the boundaries of learning.

Using Triniti’s proprietary ‘M.A.D. Framework’, designed a fully integrated holistic behaviour change solution which genuinely engaged the whole organisation.

“Great to work as a cross functional team, made us think about the right discussions. We should be having more discussions like this.”

– Player Feedback, PepsiCo

Combined the fun engaging aspects of gamification with the rigour of real business challenges, which prompted stimulating debates amongst the teams. All this was delivered through a highly creative, visually appealing digital platform, which we believe makes this game unique.

“The best training tool I’ve seen in 9 years at Pepsi. Tackles relevant and very recognisable media issues we face. Teams were really engaged, dedicating time beyond the plan.”

– Player Feedback, PepsiCo

Media ROI game has –


  1. Delivered unique, globally scaled gamification learning in PepsiCo, despite a potentially dry and complex subject
  2. In a little over 12 months, it has touched over 1000 people, driven by word of mouth and market pull
  3. Has been externally benchmarked as a world-class capability building approach
  4. It has had a direct impact on media efficiency within the business and has opened up new learning possibilities for the organisation.

The overall impact, can be best summed up as –


“The Media ROI game has given us a great mechanism to raise the floor on our media and successfully embed the best practice behaviours into day to day decision making”


– Shyam Venugopal, VP – Portfolio Strategy, Insights, Analytics & Category Management